LANTA and City of Easton Begin Environmental Review for Intermodal Transit Center

LANTA (Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority) has commenced the environmental review process for its proposed Intermodal Transit Center to be located on South Third Street in the City of Easton.  At a public meeting on February 18, 2010, project representatives made a public presentation of the project and began to receive public comments. The project's purpose is "to provide a protected, off-street transfer center and terminal for transit and intercity bus passengers with access to parking, expand public parking and support the economic revitalization of center city Easton".  The project is expected to include commercial buildings along South Third Street built with minimal setback from the sidewalk, in conformance with current urban design standards in the downtown, a transit center for LANTA and inter-city bus transportation, a parking garage intended to replace the existing Easton parking garage and a 20-vehicle surface parking lot. An environmental assessment will be conducted under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which will include a traffic study, noise analysis, environmental site assessment, review of impact on historic resources, and floodplain analysis.  LANTA has placed on Google Docs a downloadable copy of the LANTA Powerpoint presentation for the project. The Environmental Assessment is expected to be completed in May 2010, followed by the required public notice, comment period and public hearing.