Environmental Law & Toxic Torts

Over the past thirty years, our successful work for governmental clients, citizens and public interest groups has included: litigation under the National Environmental Policy Act to reduce the risks of nuclear power; legal action to stop water and air pollution and the mismanagement of solid/hazardous wastes; action to improve state regulatory policies on human health and ecological risk assessment; opposition to waste combustion facility permitting; actions to overturn poor zoning and planning decisions; citizen suits to enforce environmental laws; actions to clean up and recover monetary damages for environmental contamination, RCRA and Superfund litigation and other matters. We have also represented municipal and private clients in proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in connection with natural gas pipeline projects.

While every case is different and must be evaluated on its own merits, our past work has met with significant success. In one case in which we filed a citizens' suit against water polluters, the defendants halted their polluting practices and paid over $3.9 million in civil penalties and attorneys' fees and costs. In another case, we obtained a court order which invalidated the state permits for a municipal "mass-burn" waste incinerator; it was never built. In yet other cases, our work resulted in major changes in Pennsylvania statewide environmental policies restricting hazardous waste incineration and the utilization of risk assessment analysis.

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